Biddy the Tub Man (1878-1964)

From Historical Hastings

Alfred Mills (Biddy) Stonham, better known as Biddy the Tubman was a fisherman turned entertainer who took a half barrel (his tub) out to sea and carried out various antics, normally encouraging young ladies to join him (spinning the tub so they would fall out), in the tub whilst in the water for the entertainment of visitors to the beach in first half of the twentieth century. In addition this, he was also a dedicated member of the lifeboat crew and Winkle Club member. In 2019, he was honoured by a blue plaque being placed in his memory on the house in which he was born during 1878, 17 West Street.[1]. In 2021, his great grandson, James Bacon was elected Mayor of Hastings[2]


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