8th Earl Waldegrave (1788-1859)

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Born at Navestock Hall, in Essex, on the 27th of October, 1788, and was educated at Eton.

Naval Service

He entered the Royal Navy as a first-class boy on board the Theseus, August 1801 then, two years afterwards having attained the rating of midshipman went to the Medusa and he was in that vessel when its Captain, Sir John Gore, captured three Spanish frigates laden with treasure, and destroyed a fourth, off Cape St. Mary, in 1804. Waldegrave became a Lieutenant on the 29th of July, 1806, and he was appointed to the famous Ville de Paris, 110 guns, bearing the flag of the illustrious Lord Collingwood, and forming part of the squadron with which his Lordship was clearing the seas of the remains of the enemy after the victory of Trafalgar. Waldegrave behaved so well at the destruction of the French armed store-ships, defended by numerous strong batteries, in the Bay of Rosas, that he was mentioned with high commendation in Lord Collingwood’s public letter, and he bore the despatches home. After other honourable and active service, Waldegrave commanded the Revenge at the siege of Acre in 1840; and was in 1841 senior officer in the Bay of Tunis, with the Ganges, and the Implacable. He was pensioned from the vessel in 1842, and returned to England in March of the same year. On the 1st of October, 1846, he accepted the rank of Retired Rear-Admiral. During September of that year, he succeeded his nephew to become Eighth Earl Waldegrave.

Personal Life

He married on the 10th of August, 1812, Elizabeth, daughter of the late Samuel Whitbread, Esq., of Cardington, Beds, by whom, who died the 1st of March, 1843, he had three sons and two daughters. On the 8th of December, 1846, Sarah, widow of Edward Milward, Esq, and daughter of the Rev. William Whitear, Prebendary of Chichester, although this marriage was childless.Following the death of his eldest son, William on the 8th of October, 1854, of wounds received at the battle of the Alma, his death being a shock to his father's health from which he never recovered. The Earl gradually and reluctantly relinquished one active pursuit after another, and in 1856 he was unable to attend in the House of Lords. The Earl’s death occurred at his favourite residence in Hastings.


Children of: William Waldegrave, 8th Earl Waldegrave and Elizabeth Whitbread (1791-1843)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elizabeth Waldegrave (1813-1818)


William Frederick Waldegrave (1816-1854)

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Samuel Waldegrave (1817-1869)


Elizabeth Waldegrave (1819-1867)


Laura Waldegrave (1821-1885)


Maria Waldegrave (1824-1911)


George Waldegrave (1825-1904)


Mary Waldegrave (1827-)


William Waldegrave, 8th Earl Waldegrave, CBborn27 Oct 1788mar. (1)10 Aug 1812 Elizabeth Whitbread (b. 20 Dec 1791; d. 1 Mar 1843), 1st dau. of Samuel Whitbread, brewer, of Cardington and Southill, co. Bedford, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Grey, 1st dau. of Charles [Grey], 1st Earl GreyChildren by first wife1. Capt Hon William Frederick Waldegrave, styled Viscount Chewton, died of wounds received while rallying his men at the Battle of Alma (b. 29 Jun 1816; dvp. 7 Oct 1854; bur. at Scutari), mar. 2 Jul 1850 Frances Bastard VA, Woman of the Bedchamber to Queen Victoria (d. 11 Apr 1902), only dau. of Capt. John Bastard RN, of Sharpham, co. Devon, by his wife Frances Wade, dau. and cohrss. of Benjamin Wade, of New Grange, co. York, and had issue:1a. Hon William Frederick Waldegrave, later 9th Earl Waldegrave2a. Rev Hon Henry Noel Waldegrave, later 11th Earl Waldegrave1a. Hon Frances Mary Waldegrave2. Rt Rev Hon Samuel Waldegrave DD, Bishop of Carlisle 1860-69 (b. 13 Sep 1817; d. 1 Oct 1869), mar. 23 Jan 1845 Jane Anne Pym (d. 6 Jun 1877), dau. of Francis Pym, of Hazells Hall, co. Bedford, and Radwell House, co. Hertford, by his wife Lady Jane Elizabeth Leslie-Melville, 2nd dau. of Alexander [Leslie later Leslie-Melville], 9th Earl of Leven, and had issue3. Hon George Waldegrave later Waldegrave-Leslie, barrister, Member of Parliament for Hastings 1864-68 (b. 30 Sep 1825; dsp. 8 Jul 1904), mar. 22 Jan 1861 Lady Henrietta Anderson Morshead Leslie, suo jure Countess of Rothes1. Elizabeth Waldegrave (b. Aug 1813; dvp. Aug 1818)2. Lady Elizabeth Waldegrave (d. 27 Dec 1867)3. Lady Laura Waldegrave (b. 17 Mar 1821; d. 10 Apr 1885), mar. 2 Feb 1848 Roundell [Palmer], 1st Earl of Selborne, and had issue4. Lady Maria Waldegrave (d. 31 Jan 1911), mar. 2 Oct 1844 Rev William Brodie, and had issue5. Lady Mary Waldegrave (d. 1 May 1906)mar. (2)8 Dec 1846 Sarah Whitear (widow of William Milward, of "The Mansion", High Street, Hastings, co. Sussex; dsp. 18 Apr 1873), dau. of Rev. William Whitear, Prebend of Chichester, co. Sussexdied24 Oct 1859 (bur. at Fairlight, near Hastings, co. Sussex)suc. bygrandsonnoteentered the Royal Navy 1801 as 1st Class Boy on the Theseus under his uncle, Lord Radstock; Midshipman on the Medusa 1802-05, the Revenge 1805-06 and the Royal George 1806; Lieut on the Sirius 1806-08, the Ocean 1808-1809, and the Ville de Paris 1809, all three under the command of Admiral Lord Collingwood; distinguished himself in an attack on four French ships in the Bay of Rosas, he was sent home with Collingwood's despatches and promoted to Commander; served on the Malpomene 1809-10; Capt of the Macedonian 1811; Member of Parliament (Whig) for Bedford 1815-18; Capt of the Seringapatam 1829-32 and Senior Officer in the Pacific 1830-32; Capt of the Revenge 1839-42, taking part in the bombardment of St. Jean d'Acre 1840 and Senior Officer in the Bay of Tunis 1841; CB 1840; Rear-Admiral 1846; Vice-Admiral 1858 Src is Cracrofts Peerage

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