1985 Goble Murders

From Historical Hastings

The four members of the Goble Family lived at 38 St Helens Road. On Sunday the third of February 1985 at around 1:30 am, Lee, the mother looked in on her children, Louise (11) and Robert (4) before going to bed herself. A taxi drove up the road at approximately 2:45am, the driver recalled seeing two men with an oil drum alongside a van that was parked near the house, and at 3:34 a passing driver saw a man run across the road into Alexandra Park. Shortly after this, neighbours are woken by Lee's screams for help - the house is on fire and the family are trapped upstairs. The neighbour gets a ladder to help, while another calls the fire brigade. Robert senior and Lee manage to escape via the ladder, the fire brigade subsequently pulled Louise and Robert from the house.[1] Despite the best efforts of the fire brigade and medical staff, both children passed away due to smoke inhalation. A young man with a white crash helmet wearing motorcycle leathers was seen watching the fire - he remains unidentified. An empty oilcan was found in the garden of the house that smelled of petrol and did not belong to the Gobles[2].

An appeal including featuring on Crimewatch is put out to identify the arsonists, but no-one is identified and charged with the murder of the Goble children - the fire having been started deliberately with petrol being poured through the letter box.

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