Harold Bennett (1898-1981)

From Historical Hastings

Harold Bennett was born in Hastings, the son of a butcher - William Bennett and his wife Annie. His childhood was spent at 15 Wellington Place with three siblings[1]. Upon leaving school at the age of 12, he toured America with a circus, returning to England to teach English at the Working Men's College, London. Serving during WW1 as a courier, he took up acting following this. A career as a draughtsman followed, then a return to acting. He is best known for his character 'Young Mr. Grace' in 'Are you being served?'. Other roles include the recurring character Mr. (Sidney) Blewitt in Dad's Army from 1969 to 1977. Bennett died of a heart attack on 11 September 1981, aged 82.[2]

Harold's father William appeared as a witness in the trial of Captain Henry Windus of Hollington, who faced a charge of "Furious Driving" in 1877. The Captain was found guilty and fined £1 but declared that he would appeal the sentence[3]


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