Castledown House

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Castledown House

Built in the 1820s, its first owner was Reverend William Wallinger, curate of St Mary In The Castle between 1828 & 1834. The property was noted to have been vacant for a lengthy period in a newspaper article dating to 1904, with rumours of a previous occupant having committed suicide in the building, and apparently haunting the house. The article rebuked this superstition quite forcefully[1]. Between 1900 and 1910 most of its substantial garden was sold off to build housing.

1933 'To Let' advertisement

The building remained a large detached Villa until the 1930s when it was divided into flats[2]. By the late 1960s/early 70s it was empty and would eventually become abandoned and derelict . The building remained, no more than a shell until demolition in June 1985.[3]