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The Author of Historic Hastings‎J. Manwaring Baines (1910-2002)
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Featured Place of Worship:St Mary In The Castle

The Historical Hastings Wiki was originally a supporting website to both the Historical Hastings Facebook group and a mapping site (currently undergoing re-development) as well as a personal research tool. It has rapidly grown to be much more. The ultimate aim is to develop this down to individual property/building level providing links to resources either elsewhere on the internet or references to published works.

In addition to the repository of images catalogued within the wiki, the editor is compiling pages about features as time permits, combining all known works and writings about those features to better understand the local history of Hastings.

Where possible, most features are listed by their modern name, although in some instances this proves impossible, so the most recent known name is utilised. In any event, all names that are known to the editors of relevant pages are linked by means of re-directs or links within other pages.

Tucked away in various 'corners' of the Wiki are a number of personal histories and 'pen portraits' of the town as published in The Hastings & St Leonards Observer. A sample piece is the Pen Portrait of Hastings 1889, with a series penned by Thomas Brandon Brett currently being transcribed; St Leonardensis' Columns, which ultimately led to the compilation of his Manuscript Histories.

All visitors are welcome to add or correct information to pages to hopefully form the definitive history of our town, written by the people of the town. Even if you are unfamiliar with Wiki editing, or have something to contribute - even a sentence here or there - it all helps, please make contact via the Historical Hastings Facebook group and the administrator of this site will assist with getting your history published.

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Events taking place on this day
 DescriptionEvent Year
Customs House Raid 27 May 1827Robbery at Customs House1827

Local people who were born on this day

Local people who died on this day

 FatherMotherDeath placeAge at death
Charles Amoore (1811-1887)William Amoore (1784-1864)Lucy Hardham (1776-1828)

Local people who were first married on this day

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