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not as much as a stranger as one of our own Princes; whilst your Majesty’s personal character and abilities, as shown in the government of a neighbouring country, which, though often competing with England in friendly rivalry in many a field of industry, has never been arrayed in hostility against her, establish so strong a claim to our regard, that we feel it a duty to the towns over which are called to preside.
Given under the common seal of the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses, this 6th day of July 1858”.

His Majesty received the deputation most graciously and expressed his thanks for the great honour shown him during his short stay. He had been connected with this country for forty-two years, and during that period he had had frequent occasions of admiring the ardent feeling of respect exhibited toward himself. He could fully assure the deputation that he fully reciprocated this feeling towards the people of England. The address had eulogized the Queen, but he felt that nothing which could be said of her could exceed her merits. His august niece was always impelled by the highest patriotism in the execution of her duty. And her trusted she would long be spared to rule over a loyal and affectionate people.” The deputation then retired. At the doors of the hotel a considerable crowd had congregated to witness the departure of His Majesty, who left with his suite shortly after the presentation of the address and proceeded to Dover from the Warrior Square Station. After leaving St Leonards the king of the Belgians sent a donation of £10 to the Infirmary.
Queen Amelie, the ex-Queen of the French, also presented the Warrior Square stationmaster (Mr. Boorman) with a gold pin, as an acknowledgement of his attentions.

Archery Meetings

At the first of the season’s meetings of the Queen’s St. Leonards Archers, which was, as usual, on Her Majesty’s natal day anniversary, prizes were won by Miss Jane Brown and Miss Bond.

At the second meeting, which was held on the 26th of June, the attendance was very slight, both of shooters and visitors, where only one prize was won, and that was by Miss Mackay.

At the annual “Grand Fete,” on the 17th of August, in honour of the Duchess of Kent’s birthday, there were upwards of 700 persons present. On that occasion the coloured flags, the white marquees, the gay company, the lively music, the archers’ picturesque attire, and the beautiful grounds, aided by fine weather, made up a tout ensemble of an imposing character. Prizes were won by Miss Mackay, Mr. Everett, Miss Fenton, Mr. Kenrick, Miss Morris, Mr. Collis, Mr. Mackay and Mrs Bosser[Notes 1]. The proceedings closed with a ball at night.
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