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ments of the societies were not of a roseate hue, particularly those of the Friendly and Benefit societies, there being of both a decrease of stock, thus indicating the necessity for a revision of their rules.

Trade Protection Society

On the 18th March, this association elected George Scrivens Esq., of the Hastings Old Bank, as President; and for greater efficiency in the general management, at a later meeting, a permanent manager was elected in the person of Mr. George Curling Hope, at a salary of £20 per annum. The office was to be at his (Trinity) House, Robertson Street.

Cottage Improvement Society

This society, in which the late Dr. Greenhill took an active interest, was formed for the purpose of improving the dwellings of the so-called working classes, and with the prospect of a moderate return on the outlay. The transaction for the year 1858 afforded a dividend of 6 per cent to the shareholders, whilst in other ways benefitting the homes of the poor.

Special Relief Fund

There was much distress among the poor during the early part of the year, mainly through enforced idleness by the want of employment. A committee was formed and funds were raised for supplying the needy inhabitants with bread and soup. Up to the 30th of March the sum collected for this relief was £387, whilst the bread and soup already distributed in the east ward, alone, was 2,800 gallons of the former and 4,700 quarts of the latter. The Committee held their winding up meeting on the 21st of April, when it was decided to hold over a surplus of £111 for future emergencies.

An Easter Offering

Apart from the special relief fund, a sum of five pounds was sent to the Rev. H. S. Foyster by an anonymous donor, as “An Easter Offering for the Poor of All Saints”.

Easter Vestries

All Saints Appointments: George Jackson and Anthony Harvey, churchwardens; W. Reeves and (illegible text) Tutt, overseers; Geo. Meadows, clerk; (illegible text) Lettine, parish clerk; W. Giles, organist; J. White, sexton, Mrs. Eastland, pew-opener.

St. Clement’s: Jos. Amoore & J. R. Bromley, churchwardens; Jas Dowsett & Henry Winter, overseers; John Phillips, vestry-clerk; Jas. Cox, parish clerk; John Hide, jun. sexton.