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having resigned the office of Librarian, a vote of thanks was passed to that gentleman for the manner in which he had discharged the duties, and the committee requested to find a successor, at an expense not to exceed £20. The successor was found in the person of J. M. Griffiths at the first year’s salary of £12, and a yearly increase of £1 up to £15; his duties to be an attendance in the Library from 8.30 to 12 and from 2 to 5, to carry out books, and to attend committees.

The new members elected during 1858 were as follows: Mr. McMahon, Halloway Place; Mrs. Shorter, 86 High Street; Dr. James Hunt, Exmouth House; Mr. John Murray, Castle Street; Mr. geo. Meadows, 3 Portland Place; Mr. H. S. Middleton, 47 George Street; Mr. Chas. Pilcher, 11 White Rock Place; Edmund Field, Esq., 5 High Wickham; Rev. Henry Geldart, 3 Belle Vue; Mrs Samworth, Halloway Place; G. W. Dennis, Esq., 5 Cavendish Place; Dr. Macleabe, Mill Hill Lodge, Dr. Crosse, 2 Linton Terrace; Mr. G. Clement, Silverhill; Mr. Attwood, 36 All Saints Street; Mr. Roger Duke, 99 High Street.

The Philosophical Society

This society had its formation on the 23rd of November, at a meeting held at Mr. Cole’s, a gentleman who even up to the time of writing (1899) has ever taken an active interest in the local institutions for the furtherance of education, art, literature, philosophy, science, history etc. The first general meeting of this society took place in the temporary room of the Castle Hotel on Dec. 10th, when Dr. Hunt read a paper on “The Origin and Development of the English Language”. At a later meeting, Mr. Cole, the Secretary, read a paper by Dr. Greenhow on “Oude and its Inhabitants who were stationed in the country at the time of the outbreak”.

The Christian Association

Nearly 80 members and friends of the Church of England Christian Association were present at the annual tea meeting, in the St. Mary’s Girls’ schoolroom on the 29th of September, and after tea, with W. D. Lucas-Shadwell Esq. presiding, the report was read and adopted, and the Rev. W. N. Tilson-Marsh gave an appropriate address.

The Horticultural Society

The first of the season’s exhibitions of the society was held in the Castle gardens on June 25th, accompanied by fine weather and a band of music. The flowers were said to be the finest ever shown. The second show was held as usual at St. Leonards, as described in Chapter LIX.