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to favour their plans as far as her consent to the sale of the land went, and would recommend it to the other proprietors. She could not enter into the question of price, as that would require a consultation with her trustees and the future heir of the property. A considerable discussion followed, in which Ald. Ross expressed his thanks to Miss Sayer and the Countess of Waldegrave, and moved that the subject be re-referred to the committee till they were able to report fully on it. This was carried.

The West-hill Path. At the September meeting, Ald. Ross moved and Coun. Putland seconded that the stopping up with a wire fence the footpath over the West Hill[Notes 1] to Bo-Peep, be referred to Committee, with power to act. It was proved in 1835 that it had been a public footpath for sixty years. The motion was carried, although one Councillor thought it was out of their jurisdiction, and another, that the path was Mr. Eversfield’s. At the next meeting it was ordered that some new fencing, some new gates and some steps be put on the said path.

The Drainage a/c. At the December meeting the Finance Committee recommended the payment of £778 balance due to Hughes and Hunter, and £149 for extra work in the drainage contracts B & C. Coun. Vidler, who had said some hard things of the contractors and had been unable to prove them, now said he had voted for the payment of the a/c in committee, but reserved his comments to that day. He then enumerated several items charged which he did not agree with, amounting together to £127. The Mayor could not see that the extras were more than they could reasonably expect in such heavy work. Ald. Ross, in proposing that the recommendation be adopted, was very pleased that they had come through the matter so well. Coun. Putland, in seconding, explained, seriatim, the various points at issue, in Coun. Vidler’s objections, and bore testimony to the beautiful and accurate manner in which the a/c was made out, which enabled the committee to thoroughly examine and test the items. Considering that in a contract of £7,787, there were extras of only £149, he believed that the whole borough would be satisfied with the result. Coun. Wrenn quite agreed with Putland’s remarks. He found the extras were charged at contract price. Coun. Winter thought the town had reason to congratulate itself that a body corporate should have been able -
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