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pretty tame affair. It resulted in the return of Mr. John Peerless, with a poll of 41, against 12 votes recorded for Mr. John Kenwood. The deceased Jas. Mann had only been in the Council for a short time, his (unopposed) election being to supply the place of W. M. Eldridge, deceased.

Various Events


The two poor rates paid during the years by St Leonards were each at the rate of 6d in the pound. The highway rate was 2d.

At a vestry meeting on Dec 10th, when Mr. W. Hatchman was nominated for overseer, in place of Mr. Jas. Mann, deceased, it was resolved that the parish be resurveyed, as the boundaries were but little known.

Licenses endorsed during the year were for the “Warriors Gate” from G. Cuthbert to Hy. Lamb; the “Old England” from W. M. Eldridge to Geo. Porter; Norman Hotel from Edwin Rice to Alfred Holland; the Pilot from Hy. Lamb to Jos. Davis; the Commercial (now the British) from James Mann to Jos. Le Beauvois; the Railway Hotel (Havelock Road) from Hy. Solomon to Geo. Reeves.

Fashionable Marriage. On the 14th of December Miss Emily Wagner, daughter of G. H. M. Wagner, of 77 Marina, was married to F. G. Simpkinson, Esq. Much rejoicing was betokened by outward as well as by inward manifestations. Other fashionable marriages at St Leonards are described in the Memoirs of Rev. W. W. Hume.

A Thunderstorm visited St Leonards as well as Hastings on Saturday morning, June 5th. At about 6 o’ clock dark clouds gathered in the south, and travelled up against the wind, increasing in darkness as they approached the land. An hour later a dense rolling mass came over in a semicircular form, and presented a curious sight. The wind then flew round from north to south, and the clouds emitted a heavy downpour of rain, while the lightning played continuously.

Marine Phenomena. On the 13th, 14th and 16th of June the sea at night was resplendent with phosphorescent light; as the display was witnessed by hundreds of persons with great interest.

The Brilliant Comet of this year was also watched at night and morning with much curiosity[Notes 1].

The Parcel Post. In this year’s month of June the St Leonards Mechanics’ Institution supported the Society of Arts in a move for getting small parcels carried by post.

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