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dents – were unanimously zealous in the opportunity thus afforded of exhibiting their means of combination at a time when some members of the Town Council were striving their utmost to deprive them of their Post Office, and to call a certain district Hastings which had never been and could not be other than St. Leonards, their “show-off” as the unsuccessful aggressors called it, was, at least, excusable; and if the present writer was invited to be present at some of the private, as well as the public gatherings, to the exclusion of other note-takers, it was because he had honestly thrown in his lot with those who, at all costs, were determined the defend their legally acquired possessions.

Royalty Passing & Visiting

Other Balls, School Matters and Royal Visits
In the so-called “Busy Week” narrative the leading topics were those of balls, schools and a royal visit. We will now follow up those associative events for the rest of the year. The only other public balls in St. Leonards were those of the Queen’s St. Leonards Archers, on the 17th of August, and the Annual Christmas Ball on the 28th of December. The former was very numerously attended, chiefly by members and subscribers, and the latter had a company of over 100 of the nobility and gentry of both towns.

For the National Schools three sermons were preached at St. Leonards Church on the 9th of May, which resulted in the rather small collection of £26. 13s. At the day schools 380 children were in attendance, and about 30 others attended the Sunday School. Sermons were also preached for the St. Leonards schools on Sunday October 19th, when the wealthy residents of the town were mostly at home, and the collections were then £41. 4s.

Prince Albert passed through St. Leonards and Hastings per railway on the 27th of May, on his way to Prussia. He was warmly greeted by people on the platforms.

An Address to the King of the Belgians

The King of the Belgians paid a second visit to the ex-Queen of the French at the Victoria Hotel on Monday July 5th. Among his numerous suite were the Duke and Duchess de Brabant and Count de Flandres. Several of Queen Amelie’s attendants met the Belgian party at the Station; and on Tuesday morning, July 6th, the Mayor and several members of the Hastings Corporation waited on His Majesty at the Victoria Hotel and presented the following address:

“As representing the Corporation of this borough of Hastings and the Magistrates in Her Majesty’s Commission of the Peace for the same place, we respectfully approach your Majesty to express the great pleasure which we feel in welcoming your Majesty to our ancient borough. Your Majesty’s long connection with this country and immediate relationship with our beloved Sovereign, leads us to regard your Majesty