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St Mary Magdalen and St Leonards consisted of no fewer than 720 of the rising generation, and being thus cared for, sufficiently indicates their rapidly increasing importance and the general interest manifested in their welfare. But, above all, was their acknowledged successful training in wider and higher branches of education than was pursued in any other parochial school in the borough.

Friday – a Royal Visit
A telegraphic message having conveyed to J. Gibbs Esq. of Maze Hill Cottage, that the Lord High Admiral, H.R.H. Prince Adelbert of Prussia, intended paying him a visit, the first-named gentleman, in the most creditable and dexterous manner, made preparations for the reception of his distinguished guests. His Royal Highness arrived at the St Leonards Station of the South Coast railway by the 1 p.m. train, and was there received by Mr. Gibbs in person, who immediately accompanied him, together with Baron Von Richthoven, and Lieut. Chüden, to his residence, whilst the numerous suite of the royal visitor were conveyed to the Victoria Hotel, where apartments had been provided for them. On arriving at Mr. Gibbs’ residence, the St. Leonards German Band, which had been engaged for the purpose, struck up a Prussian air, and a magnificent Prussian banner, with crown and eagle, was opportunely hoisted on the flagstaff. Having partaken of luncheon, the royal visitor was conducted round the principal parts of the two towns, and to whom was shewn the castle, the seat and grounds of F. North Esq., M.P., the Russian trophy gun, the Subscription Gardens, the Archery Ground and as many more things and places as the limited time at his disposal would permit of his seeing. His Royal Highness appeared to take a deep interest in all he saw, and expressed his gratification in being able to assure himself by personal inspection of the existence of interesting objects and the beauty of a place of which he could faintly imagine from a distant view while passing up and down Channel. The dinner party consisted of the Prince himself, Baron Von Richthoven, Lieut. Chüden, Major Ogle, Rev. W. R. Tilson Marsh, A. Burton Esq., J. Gibbs Esq., Mrs Gibbs and R. D. Hale Esq., M.D. Every delicacy that the season in the shortness of time could produce was set before the distinguished guests and nothing that could administer to their comfort was neglected. The band continued playing on the lawn until 9 o’clock. After dinner the part received the following additions: F. North Esq., M.P., Capt. Parish, J. Grenside, Esq., the Rev. H. Nussey, - Neville Esq., Mrs Hale and the