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From Historical Hastings
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forward the question. These are required to prove their case, and not until this has been well-attempted, are defensive facts deemed necessary. Secondly, if “Via Media’s” letters have not been answered, it is, perhaps, that personal epithets were supposed to disentitle them to notice; for he assails those who differ from him as having wilful blindness and as being rabid St Leonardsphobians. He also reflects upon country justices, game-keeping parsons, and makes an attempt to give the question a political complexion; when, Sir, he must know that it is opposed by Liberals and others, not on grounds at all political. But thirdly, if the facts have not been noticed, it may be because they are so self-evident as to have rendered it unnecessary that others should answer them, or that “Via Media” should address them. The question as it now stands, is simply this: the inhabitants of the borough up to somewhere about Verulam Place, receive their letters through the St Leonards Post Office. This is what – with the exception of about two persons, I am informed – that populous district wishes, and the Postmaster General complies with their wishes. I ask then, in the name of common sense, in the name of common justice and liberality, what more is wanted. The people have a wish, and the governing party concedes it; and this without inflicting any inconvenience on those parties who desire an alteration. But for a brief review of the proceedings in Council, persons of distinction having arrived in the debateable part of the borough, the question was taken up in Council and, if I understood aright it resolved itself into three heads – a wish, a reason and a motive. First, the wish that the district should be called Hastings; second, the reason given, which was because the district was Hastings; and, third, the motive – that visitors would go to the hotels at Hastings, instead of the Victoria at St Leonards. I have nothing to say against the wish, and upon the motive I shall make no comment; the opinion on this must be delivered by those whom it most concerns. All that I had to do with this was the reason – that is, whether or not the debateable district is really Hastings. I grant that it is not within the local Act of St Leonards. I believe, but speak advisedly, that it is not within the local Act of Hastings. I acknowledge that it is within the borough of Hastings, and so is every house, the householder of which has a vote for the Members of the borough. But I say that by lapse of time, and -