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the funeral and played the "Dead March." The inquest held on the deceased was the third within as many days.

Mr. John Crocket, at the age of 37 years, died on the first of Oct., and having been many years a warm and consistent supporter of Oddfellowship, his remains were followed to their resting place in the cemetery of St. Mary-in-the-Castle on the following Sunday afternoon by 100 members of the Victoria Lodge of that Order. The same lodge held a soireé and ball at the Market Room, on Janry. 23rd., when nearly 300 were present.

Strayed from Home

On the 11th of October, a child of the age of two years, wandered from its home in Russell street, and was not found until after a diligent search of about nine hours. It turned out that the little fellow had been listening to a band of music, and by the "concord of sweet sounds," was supposed to have followed the band until he had lost his way. He was found by R. G. Brazier, near the Fountain Inn at St. Leonards, crying bitterly, and a distance of two miles from his home. His eyes were red from crying and his feet flayed by walking, which circumstance, coupled with the fact that his having been seen in various parts of the town led to the inference that the poor little fellow must have wandered over several miles of ground in the deepest distress. This event is a reminder that the present writer, when a child, was supposed to have strayed from home, and after several hours' seach by his parents and others, and the sending round of the Crier, was found in an unlooked-for place at home fast asleep.

Balls and other Entertainments

Mrs. Fletcher-Norton gave a ball and supper at her residence, 4 Wellington square to about 130 persons on the 8th of January, and a second one on the 22nd. Mr. F. North M.P. had a dinner and evening party at Hastings Lodge on Jan. 23rd., which went off with great éclat. P. F. Robertson M. P. also entertained a fashionable and influential party of 160, at Halton House, on Jan. 28th. Mr. Robertson also gave a dinner to the Recorder, Magistrates and members of the Corporation on the 24th of October. The Annual King's-Head Ball, was held on March 1st, the musicians being the Hastings Quadrille Band. A Panorama at the Market Hall, depicting scenes in the Crimea, &c. was visited by great crowds. Rock Fair was held on July 26th and 28th, in Brisco's field on the White Rock, where it had been placed for several years. Middleton's well-known theatre continued in Hastings for several weeks after the fair. Powell's Circus was also at Hastings, and when it left on the 7th of August, another circus was on its way hither. "What? No amusements in Hastings! (asked the local News)" Not only have we concerts, lectures or other entertainments every night, but we-