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A Clerk of the Works - Mr. Penny being present at an ajourned(sic)meeting on July 18th, intimated that a clerk of the works was necessary, and said if the Local Board would give him 2 per cent. in addition to his 5 per cent. commission - an addition of about £60 - he would attend to it himself.- Coun. Putland (who was always the friend of local talent or labour), expressed his belief that someone in Hastings might be found to be clerk of the works; Whereupon Coun. Vidler moved that Mr. Jas. Winter be employed at 4/ per day. The motion was carried by 7 to 3.
The New Well At the same meeting, the Chairman said they had been pumping 150 gallons a minute at the new well near the Gas Works, and the water was still rising.
A £4,000 Loan At the Council meeting on September 5th it was resolved that a loan of four thousand pounds for the water-extension works be at once advertised for. The result was the offer of several loans at 5 per cent., in separate sums of £2,000, £500, £700 and £500 for five years certain. The offers were accepted.
A Modified Arrangement, with respect to the Clerk of the Water-extension works was agreed to at the Dcember meeting, when the Committee's recommendation was adopted to give Mr. Penny's clerk £28 to superintend No. 1 Contract, and Mr. Clark 27s. a week to superintend No. 2.

The Surveyorship. On page 27 it was shown that the Borough Surveyor had been discharged and the office was to be temporally held, or rather, its duties to be discharged for the Board of Health by the Inspector of Nuisances. At a special meeting on Jan. 18th, the committee recommended that the future surveyor be paid a salary of £150 a year by the Local Board and £20 by the Corporation, the same as had been to Mr. Gant. Coun. Beck was of an opinion that the Council had committed an error in not having a person wholly their servant. They ought to give a man sufficient to confine himself exclusively to the duties and carry them out properly. He considered that £300 a year was not too much. - Coun. Vidler - the avowed economist thought they ought to get a qualified surveyor for £170 a year. - Coun. Picknell proposed as an amendment to the Committee's report, that the salary be £205 from the Local Board and £20 from the Corporation. This was carried.
Claims by the late Surveyor At the February monthly meeting Mr. Gant having given up the papers, maps and accounts, as requested, the Clerk said he found the account wrongly cast, and that when compared with the vouchers, there appeared to be a sum of £34 18s. 10d. due to Mr. Gant; but when applied to, Mr. Gant could not explain the error, but he knew that no such sum was due to him, and he would not claim it. He had, however, a much larger claim to make. The Clerk then received a notice from Mr. J. Castle Gant-