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Drowned. On the 23rd of February, Daniel Cousens, 15 years of age, was drowned by the upsetting of a boat, containing faggots. Another lad named Joseph Mepham, saved himself by swimming to shore.

Killed by a mill. On the 9th of April, Helen Sophia Barton, 6 or 7 years of age, while playing near a mill on the West hill was struck by the sweeps of Mr. Amoore’s mill and soon after died.

Run Over. On the 4th of the same month (April) a man named Spencer Simes, was knocked down and run over by a timber-tug in Courthouse street, and though severely hurst(sic), escaped from fractured bones.

Taking it Coolly. On the 7th, also of April, as a party of ladies on horseback were riding pass Pelham place, a poor deaf old man, working on the road, suddenly made his appearance from behind a cart and was unavoidably knocked down. The lady, whose horse had collided with the man turned back to know the result, when the old man gathered himself up, and said he was all right, for having been knocked down half a dozen times before, he was got used to it. It reminds one of the facetious gentleman who declared that he had taken so many bushels of medicine that nothing of that sort hurt him now.

Broken Collar-bone. On the 4th of October, a servant of Dr. Underwoods, named Weekes, broke her collar-bone through her foot hanging up and throwing her to the ground, while alighting from a vehicle.

Various Injuries were sustained by William Stone on Sunday evening, Oct. 7th, while running for shelter from a shower and falling into an area at Carlisle parade. He suffered from a severe contusion on the head, bruises on the body and a broken knee cap. A young woman who fell with him, was not seriously hurt.


Suicide. An inquest was held on the 15th of June on the body of George Simmonds, a blacksmith, who hanged himself near what was called Collier’s Shaw in the hop-gardens. He was 41 years of age, and left a widow and two children.

Accidently Poisoned. On the 12th of December, an inquest was held on the body of a three-years-old child named Thomas Potrel, to whom had been given, inadvertently an overdose of poppy infusion.


Fairlight Mill was broken into on the night of Feb. 9th; and, judging by the snow prints by not more than one person. Damage was done to about 40s, but all the booty carried off was sixpennyworth of halfpence. No flour was taken; and as it was the third time that the mill had been broken open with the same want of success, the miller might well put up a notice, “Burglars despair!”

Boykett Breeds’s Counting-house, in George street, was unlawfully entered on the night of May 11th, and about £7 in coppers carried off.

Mr. Webb’s Poultry Farm was deprived of a large number of fowls on Saturday night, November 10th, by some undetected thieves.