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one of the retiring Councillors who declines to be re-nominated for the seat which he is about to vacate. It has also come to our knowledge that Mr. Stoneman of Norman road West has acceded to the request of a deputation to be nominated for the vacancy. Mr. Stoneman is a man of intelligence, integrity and general fitness for so responsible a trust, and one who, we believe, will command the support of a large majority of the West Ward burgesses.

The Municipal Elections. The East Ward councillors retiring on the first of November were Messrs. Bromley, Howell, Picknell and Poole, whilst those of the West Ward were Messrs. Kenwood and Tree. In place of the last two gentlemen, the burgesses had an opportunity of electing from at least three candidates - namely, W. G. Stoneman, R. Burchall and J. Nicholas. The nominations for the East Ward were Messrs. Bromley, Howell, Picknell, Poole, Edmid, Fisher, Dowsett, Montgomerie and Williams. No addresses were issued by F. M. Montgomerie, Esq. and H. N. Williams, and it was therefore supposed that the nomination of these two gentlemen was an act of sport, and without their consent. The elections resulted in the return of the four retiring councilmen for the East Ward, and of two representatives for the West Ward. The numbers of votes recorded at the close of the poll were declared to be as follows:-

Elected Not Elected
Howell 253 Dowsett 200
Poole 247 Fisher 199
Bromley 229 Edmid 185
Picknell 227

Burchell 262
Stoneman 237 Nicholas 167

Thus the voting in the East Ward was still on party lines, the elected being all Liberals, and the rejected being Conservatives. For the West Ward the elected were one each Conservative and Liberal, whilst the rejected was in most attributes the least fitted for a councillor or a counsellor, unless a combative nature could be regarded as a qualification.

The Mayoralty of this ancient town and borough was, on Monday the 10th of November, legally and regally transferred from Mr. Thomas Ross to Mr. Will Ginner, the former being complimented for his services, and the latter congratulated upon his accession (for the third time) to the civic chair. The retiring aldermen, Messrs. Ginner, Clement and Ross were also elected to aldermanic duties for a further term of six years.

Opening of the Waldegrave Fountain

At one o'clock on Saturday, May 24th - the natal day of our beloved monarch, the elegant drinking-fountain in Robertson street, erected as a testimonial to the Countess Waldegrave was formally but somewhat quietly opened to the public. The ceremonial was watched by a large number of persons, who appeared to regard the proceedings with a good deal of interest! Attended by the Hon. -