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Events that happened in this month[edit]

The following list, whilst in no measure complete is a 'snapshot' of various events that occurred in Hastings during the current month.

Accession of Edward VII221901
Air Raids5Filsham Road hit in enemy action1944
Air Raids17Fairlight Place attacked by German raiders1943
Air Raids5Town strafed by German Raiders1942
Air Raids12Town machine-gunned by German aircraft1941
Air Raids31Gensing Road, Clyde Road and Woodland Vale Road hit by 5 German Bombs1941
Air Raids28Glyne Gap Gasworks attacked by German bombers1943
Air Raids11Incendiary bombing of St Margaret's Road1941
Air Raids16200 incendiary bombs dropped by German Bombers targetting Broomgrove Power Station1941
Air Raids20Roofs at Bexhill Road damaged in German attack1943
Air Raids1Attack on train approaching Hastings Station1942
Amsterdam26Foundering of the Amsterdam at Bulverhythe1749
Brassey Institute15Opening of Library1881
Brett Volume 1: Chapter II - Hastings 1828-182927Opening of St Mary in the Castle1828
Brett Volume 3: Chapter XXIX - St. Leonards 184312Hurricane hits the town1840
Charles Mepham (1851-1923)
Edward Milward (1765-1833)
James Lansdell (1786-1865)
James Murray (1721-1794)
Martha Breeds (1793-1829)
Philip William Cole (1884-1964)
Samuel Duke (1814-1889)
St Leonards Archway22Removal of St. Leonards Arch1895
Storm of 12 January 1899121899
Thomas Brett (1788-1826)
William Scrivens (1805-1871)