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Events that happened in this month[edit]

The following list, whilst in no measure complete is a 'snapshot' of various events that occurred in Hastings during the current month.

8th Earl Waldegrave (1788-1859)
Air Raids5Bedford Arms destroyed by air raids which also hit the Cricket Ground, Wallinger's Walk and Wellington Road1940
Air Raids12Air raids targetting Hastings Station and Queens Road Gas Works1940
Air Raids17Tilekiln Lane hit by enemy bombers1940
Air Raids9Upper Broomgrove Road hit by bombs, possibly targetting Ore Station/Broomgrove Power Station1943
Air Raids17St Columbia's Church and Pevensey Road hit by German bombs1942
Air Raids13Kites Farm and Harley Shute Road attacked by German aircraft1940
Air Raids7Stockleigh Road hit by enemy bombers1940
Air Raids8Havelock Road, York Buildings and some allotments hit in air raid1943
Air Raids2Childrens ward at the RESH damaged by air raid hitting White Rock Gardens1940
Air Raids4St Leonards Pier hit by enemy bombs1940
Ann Pollard (1740-1821)
Anna Allnutt (1839-1887)
Boykett Breeds (1827-1892)
Brett Volume 1: Chapter III - St Leonards 18305First St. Leonards Yacht Regatta1830
Brett Volume 1: Chapter IV - Hastings 183016Seizure of a boat, five men and 106 smuggled tubs of spirits1830
Brett Volume 3: Chapter XXXIV - Hastings 18458Duke of Wellington revisits Hastings, staying at the Castle Hotel1854
Brett Volume 6: Chapter LV - St. Leonards 18566Opening of St Mary Magdalen New Schools1854
Emma Taylor (1842-1931)
Frederick Parsons (1844-1900)
Great Storm of 1987161987
Hastings Pier5Arson attack on Hastings Pier2010
J. Manwaring Baines (1910-2002)
James Eversfield (1795-1826)
John Ashley Warre (1787-1860)
Marianne North (1830-1890)
Mary Ann Larkin (1853-1913)
Nathaniel Crouch (1735-1820)
Rev. William Wallinger
Royal Victoria Hotel26Opening of Hotel1828
Sir Godfrey Webster (1789-1836)
William Farncomb (1742–1826)
William Henry Borrow (1840-1905)