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This infobox presents a summary of key data for public swimming pools and lidos - other templates should be used for leisure centres, swimming venues or sports complexes. Data included will normally be covered by a general source reference in the article.

Examples: Parliament Hill Lido, Pells Pool.

Operated by{{{operator}}}
Owned by{{{owner}}}
Former name(s){{{former_names}}}
{{Infobox swimming pool 
| name         = 
| image        = 
| caption      = 
| address      = 
| postcode     = 
| coordinates  = <!-- {{coord|lat|lon|display=title}} --> 
| opened       = 
| closed       = 
| demolished   = 
| operator     = 
| owner        = 
| cost         = 
| architect    = 
| type         = 
| former_names = 
| size         = 
| length       = 
| width        = 
| depth        = 
| status       = 
| features     = 
| facilities   = 
| website      = 
| footnotes    = 

Parameter guide

Standard parameters are listed above. Not all parameters are intended to be used at the same time. Consider which data make a good summary of the article and which might be grouped as a list under Features or Facilities in order to keep the infobox from becoming excessively long.

Additional optional configuration parameters available: image_width, label1, data1 (up to label5, data5).

All parameters are optional.

Parameter Comments
name The official name of the pool. If the parameter is blank or removed, the article name will be used by default.
address The postal address for the pool.
operator, owner List the principal operating company or community association. There are often complex partnerships between site owners (or local government), operating companies and management companies or associations under license. These partnerships should be explained in the article text rather than the infobox.
website The official website of the operator, preferably directing to the specific page about the pool. The {{Official website}} template may be useful.
image Should be entered as the text of the filename only, the template takes care of the rest of the formatting.
image_size Add if you wish to override the default of 220px wide. This may be useful if the image is portrait format and the infobox is taking up more space than expected.
coordinates Use the {{Coord}} template to put a geographic location marker at the top of the page. Do not use this parameter if the {{Coord}} template is used elsewhere in the article.
Example: {{coord|51.556359|-0.151379|region:GB|display=title}}.
type Shows if the pool is of a special type such as open air, salt-water or unheated.
size Dimensions should be entered in metres. The {{convert}} template can be used to present data in the form "22 by 40 feet (6.7 m × 12.2 m)", though this can only cope with 2 dimensions at a time. Depth may be entered as a range or shown as maximum depth. If the pool is Olympic standard, state that here.

If there are multiple pools list the sizes in this field and separate with breaks. For example: "size=Main Pool: 50 x 22 metres<br>Pool 2: 35 x 19 metres"

length, width, depth As alternative to size, dimensions can be entered separately.

Note, if 4 or fewer characters are used, the template assumes a number in meters has been entered and applies the {{convert}} template to that number. Consequently, "50m" will produce an error but "50" will display as "50 metres (164 ft)" and "50 metres" will be taken as normal text. These parameters should not be used at the same time as the size parameter.

The {{convert}} template can be used, for example given {{convert|165|ft|m|0}} the text shows "165 feet (50 m)".

status Shows any special status such as its status as a Listed building. In England this will show where pools have a listed building status (such as "Grade II Listed"), in Scotland a similar scheme is run by Historic Scotland (such as "Category B Listed").
opened, closed, demolished Dates such as when it opened and closed will normally be restricted to the year, full date details may be in the body of the article.
features A list of additional features of the pool can be added such as chute, paddling pool, steel lining, wave machine, etc., or included in the body of the article.
facilities A list of facilities at the pool can be added such as parking, cafe, gym, sauna, etc., or included in the body of the article.
label(1-5), data(1-5) Up to 5 user defined fields can be added by using these optional parameter pairs, for example "label1=Sponsor" and "data1=Evian".
footnotes Any simple qualifications to the information can be added as a footnote. For example, a pool may be closed but with on-going plans to reopen or be closed undergoing extensive renovations. Consider making such a note a document footnote (WP:FN) if it is more than a sentence. Tip: try using {{sup}} to highlight to information the note(s) relates to.

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