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Green lodge{{{greenlodge}}}
{{Infobox Disney resort
| name       = 
| logo_width = <!--Default is 250px-->
| image      = <!--Use ONLY the filename, not a full [[Image:]] link-->
| imagedimensions = <!--Default is 250px-->
| caption    = 
| location   = 
| type       = <!--- see parameters below for usage -->
| category   = 
| opendate   = 
| closedate  = 
| theme      = 
| sections   = 
| roomnumber = 
| suites     = 
| operator   = 
| greenlodge = 
| free_label  = 
| free_label1 = 
| free_label2 = 
| free_label3 = 
| free_label4 = 
| free_label5 = 
| website     = 



Parameter Description Example
name The name of the resort. Disney's Hollywood Hotel
logo The filename of the resort's logo, without File: prefix Disney's Sequoia Lodge logo.svg
logo_width The size of the logo. The default is 150px. 250px
image, imagedimensions, caption Use "image" to display the primary picture of the resort. The "caption" parameter can be used to describe the image if required. "image_width" sets the width of the "image" parameter. Image of resort (Main Building, Entrance, or lobby preferred image=PictureGrandFloridianResort&Spa.jpg
caption=The Grand Floridian's Main Building
location The location of the resort. Downtown Disney Resort Area
type The resort type. It must be one of the following:
  • Deluxe
  • DVC (Disney Vacation Club)
  • Moderate
  • Value

If the resort is a Disney hotel, enter the abbreviation for the resort in which it resides at:

  • DR (Disneyland Resort)
  • WDWR (Walt Disney World Resort)
  • DP (Disneyland Paris)
  • TDR (Tokyo Disney Resort)
  • HKDR (Hong Kong Disneyland Resort)
  • SDR (Shanghai Disney Resort)
DVC, value, DR, HKDR
category The category of the resort (star rating). A template such as {{Rating}} should be used. {{Rating|4|5}}
opendate The opening date of the resort. A template such as {{start date}} should be used. {{Start date|1990|11|19}}
closedate The closing date of the resort (if applicable). A template such as {{end date}} should be used. {{End date|1994|04|29}}
theme The theme of the resort. Sports
sections The names of the areas of the resort. Touchdown!, Center Court, Home Run Hotel, Surfs Up!, Hoops Hotel
roomnumber The number of rooms in the resort. 1920
suites The names of the suites of the resort. Grand Villa, Treehouse Villa
operator The name of the operator of the resort Hong Kong International Theme Parks
greenlodge Whether the resort is a Green lodge. yes
website The official website of the resort. A template such as {{Official website}} should be used. {{Official website|}}