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Purpose: Creates a table for use in Person forms needed to specify Generic events that do not require specialized fields. It is valid for use with the following events:

  • Birth
  • Remains
  • Baptism
  • Death
  • Weddings

Background:Semantic Forms documentation states that pages can be transcluded in forms. This table uses the specified format and includes a table for use with Form:Person templates.


  • 1= event name. Valid values:birth, baptism, remains, death, wedding
  • count = (only used for wedding) this is the number of the wedding, 1= first wedding and so on.
  • image = image icon for visual cue for the event appears in upper right corner.
  • state = default is collapsed. set to blank to leave it open
  • inside state = this is the state of tables inside the table. default is open. Set to "collapsed" to override.