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Purpose: Formats date according to user preference. Preference is set with language preference. English-Great Britain (en-gb) gets day-month-year order as well as all other non En languages. If user preference is en, then US/Canada Month-day-year order is used.

Parameter 1: Recognized:

  • Year only- no error checks- just passes the value
  • Three orders, dependent on delimiter
    • Month/Day/Year
    • Day Month Year
    • Year-Month-Day
  • Months may be a number, a month name in english, or a three letter english abbreviation
  • Illegal day values identified (February 29 in a non leap year)

Other parameters

  • link: If any value besides null, this links the date. If day provided, then first link is to month and day. Otherwise only the year is linked.
user language
wikitext en en-gb, es, fr...
3 Nov 1876}} November 3, 1876      3 November 1876
November 1876}} November 1876 November 1876
1876-11-3}} November 3, 1876 3 November 1876
11/3/1876}} November 3, 1876 3 November 1876