Barrack Ground

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The Barrack Ground was situated roughly where is. Extract from a newspaper report of 1803 : "5th October 1803 - Eastbourne. Everything is on the alert to receive the enemy;the whole of the 11th Light Dragoons have been ordered from their different outposts and are Stationed at Hastings, Boxhill and South Bourne...1804...Temporary barracks to accommodate 900 infantry and 200 cavalry were began at Hastings on Saturday.."[1] By around 1806, the number of troops in the town had reportedly increased to some 12,000 men (Cavalry, Infantry and Artillery) under the command of the Duke of Wellington who had his headquarters in Hastings House. Additional camps existed at Battle, Bexhill and . Considering the population of the town was recorded as being just over 3,000, the influx of troops certainly would have increased trade and visitors to the town.[2]


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